How To Fix Pinhole In Copper Pipe? Reasons And 4 Easy Fixes

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Pinholes are widely common in copper pipers. Now and then, we all face pinholes in our copper pipes. A copper pipe is known to be strong. Breaking copper pipes is nearly impossible, which is why plumbers mostly use copper pipes in our plumbing system.

A pinhole, however, is a common problem when it comes to copper pipes. A pinhole leak can be fixed in a jiffy, though. It doesn't take much time or energy to fix pinhole leaks.

Today we are going to talk about pinhole leaks, how to fix pinhole leaks, what causes pinhole leaks, and a lot more. Did you want to know how to fix a pinhole in a copper pipe? Well, today we are going to tell you just that!

Fixing Pinhole Leaks In Copper Pipes

Copper Pipe with pinhole leaks

Copper pipes are primarily used in homes because they don't usually cause trouble. Copper pipes are known to be durable; however, over time, tiny pinholes do occur on copper pipes.

Pinhole leaks in pipes happen due to multiple reasons. Sometimes it is pitting corrosion; at other times, it is mildew growth causing a chemical reaction with the protective coating of the copper pipes.

If your copper pipes have pinholes in them, here are a few tactics you can follow that will help you get rid of them:

Using Epoxy Putty In Repairing Pinhole Leaks

When you are facing pinhole leaks in your copper piping system, you are bound to feel frustration. However, don't lose your temper just yet. Repairing leaks on your copper pipe is easy. All you require is a plumbing expert, some Epoxy putty, and some time. After that, you will be all set.

Epoxy putty can help repair the minor holes in the copper pipes. Whenever there's a sign of a pinhole leak in a copper pipe, be sure to grab some Epoxy putty along with a stick that will help combine the resin along with the hardener with the help of a pre-measured format.

If you want to close the pinhole using epoxy putty, you will have to tear some of it off, then knead it correctly in your hand and afterward place it inside the pinhole. Once the epoxy putty hardens, the leak will stop completely, and all your worries regarding this hassle will be gone.

This is the easiest and most reliable fix for your copper piping systems pinhole leaks.

Repairing Using Pipe Repair Tape

A huge yet common problem with using Epoxy putty is whenever the water pressure is too high, the chances of it working decreases with time. The abnormally high water pressure pushes the putty out, and the pinhole leak continues.

So, the epoxy putty is a temporary fix. However, there's another option that is even better than the epoxy putty. You can use pipe repair tape. Pipe repair tapes are waterproof, so the chances of them coming off due to contact with water are slim to none. Pipe repair tape provides a watertight seal.

Using Pipe Repair Clamps To Repair Pinhole Leaks In Copper Piping

The best way to repair pinhole leaks in your copper pipe is by using pipe repair clamps. Pipe repair clamps are underrated. All you have to do is place a pair of clamps right where the pipe has a leak, and that is it.

By placing the clamp, you are avoiding water leaks and a high water bill. So, try this method out and forget your worries. A small leak is no match for a pipe repair clamp.

Replacement Pitted Pipe

If your pipe has too many pinhole leaks, then maybe it is time for you to change your copper pipe. Sometimes after long-term corrosion damage, pipes tend to have pinholes all over. When this happens in front of your eyes, and you can see the water supply being wasted, you will understand why you need a replacement pipe.

A replacement pipe can solve all of your pinhole leak issues. It will also ensure that you don't have to deal with pinhole leaks in the near future.

Why Do Pinhole Leaks Occur In Copper Pipes?

Pinhole leaks mainly occur after years of use of using the copper pipe. Here are a few reasons copper pipes have pinhole leaks on them:

High-Pressure Water Supply

High PH and high water supply pressure are often the reason behind pinholes occurring in copper pipes. Copper pipes building involves soldering. There are multiple protective coatings on the body of the pipe. However, the high water pressure tends to wear the protective layers down, which is ultimately bad for the pipes and leads to pinhole leaks.

Water damage is not an issue that should be taken lightly. Most people see it as localized damage.

Chemical Damage

Chemical damage is another reason behind pinholes in copper pipes. Often the heavy metals in a copper pipe react badly with the other chemicals used in making the protective layer over the pipe. When something like this happens, the wall cavity of the pipe slowly disintegrates and ultimately ends up causing pinhole leaks.

The damaged section can easily be repaired. Sometimes outdated joints of copper pipes also face this issue.


Copper pipes are often susceptible to corrosion. Non-uniformities of the materials used in building the pipes determine how the pipe will last without any sort of pinholes. If the materials are of good quality, then the copper pipe is going to last a long time without any issues.


Here are some frequently asked questions:

If There Are Pinholes In My Copper Pipe, Should I Get A Replacement Pipe?

Answer: Changing your copper pipe due to pinholes is not a must. However, if you are facing continuous issues with your copper pipe, then you should look into replacing your copper pipe.

Is Pipe Discoloration A problem?

Answer: Pipe discoloration is not a major issue, so there is nothing to worry about. Just make the fittings of your pipe are in good shape.

How To Prevent Pinhole Leaks?

Answer: There is no way to prevent pinhole leaks; however, keeping an eye out for pitting corrosion often helps in terms of preventing pinhole leaks. You can also keep an eye on your water meter, and it will help you save money in the long run.

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How to fix a pinhole in a copper pipe? It is a question we get very often. This question is asked by anyone who owns a house that has copper pipes. Copper pipes are often the best type of pipes on the market; however, they do have their flaws. Sometimes these flaws can be repaired in the blink of an eye, and other times, it's nearly impossible to fix them.

Pinholes in pipes happen so frequently that almost everyone faces them multiple times in their life. It can end up costing you a ton of money by just existing. Often the pinholes are to blame for water leaks. These water leaks end up wasting water which in return spikes up your water bill.

With proper precautions and knowing the signs of a pinhole leak, you can easily avoid these issues. You can also seek the help of a plumber. Experienced plumbers understand how to fix pinhole leaks within seconds without causing you too much trouble. So, trying a plumbing service will definitely be worth it.

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