How to get rid of the smell from the shower drain?

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You might be spending a lot of time keeping your home floors and washroom. However, you start noticing a pungent smell in the bathrooms and do not know from where it is coming.

The odor is somewhat non-tolerable, and you need to figure out the right cause. If you are a homeowner, you might be aware that shower drains can be responsible for such problems. The shower drain smell is quite familiar noways; however, there are ways to fix it.

First, you need to suspend the drains that are away from the reach of your regular cleaning and then figure out that it is the only drain that has stopped working.

From where is the smell coming from?

The smell is possibly coming from the shower drain. A shower drain can cause multiple issues, including releasing a pungent odor when not maintained properly. The following reasons are responsible for the smell that is coming from inside the drain:

A clogged drain cover:

If you have a bath, you can spot that the water in that drain stays longer than usual. There is a high possibility that your body oils, dirt, hair, and other body waste that washes off during the bath have started being accumulated under the drain cover. This accumulation is responsible for the smell.

A dry P-trap:

In case you have been watching for the drain responsible for the smell. You might spot a drain that is smelling like a sewer line.

That could be a dry P-trap that can be fixed without much hassle.

Pipes start to leak:

Unfortunately, the only case where you might need to spend some of the money from your pocket is smelly leaky pipes.

How to prevent and repair a smelly shower drain?

It seems that you are quite tired of figuring out the solution to get rid of the clogged shower drain odor. Therefore, we understand that, and we have found a solution for your screen.

Here are some general tips and tricks that might help you solve the problem:

You might need to develop a habit:

Cleanliness is quite important. Especially when you wish to stay away from foul odor, sewer gases, and several diseases, it will help if you make a habit of cleaning your shower drain and clogs timely. You should possibly clean the shower drain at least once a week and even more if possible.

Some people regularly clean the debris and soap scum, which helps a lot and prevents clogging in the long run. This will help you save yourself from a lot of problems that might be developing beneath your shower drain cover.

Keep in mind:

It also depends on the products you use daily and how much soap scum is being formed and drained. In order to reduce such a problem, try using liquid soaps than just a soap bar to minimize the forming of leather and scum.

Make it a little less complicated:

If you are frustrated by the smell of rotten eggs coming from your washroom drain, then the best you can do at your home is make a cleaner that is purely made of the products available in your home.

The cleaner can comprise various components like:

  • Some vinegar or some other acidic liquid.
  • A spoonful of baking soda to make it basic at the same time and hot water to make it consistent.

In order to clean your drain with this mixture, you need a brush with firm bristles that will rub and clean the drain in an efficient manner.

Start by pouring the content into the drain and removing the clogged portion using the brush. Such a method will save your money and save your future expenses. Additionally, it will provide you with an odor-free shower drain that you would love.

Do not follow such old school practices:

In order to clean a stinky shower drain, some people pour boiling water inside the drain in order to make sure that all the stubborn contents deposited on the lining of the drain and pipe wash off.

However, this might be a problem. All the pipes installed today are made up of PVC, which means it is plastic and can melt when something extremely hot is poured over it.

This old-school method of cleaning the drainage was introduced when the pipelines were made of metal and not PVC. Therefore, if you pour hot water, you will damage the entire pipeline system.

Solutions that you can do by yourself

This DIY is quite popular amongst homeowners who know the right way to clean a drain and get rid of the sewage smell.

The process starts with:

  • Pouring excess basic soda mixed with lukewarm water on the drain and let it sit and react for a few minutes. The soda reacts with all the dirt and grit deposited inside your pipelines and will take them along when you wash it away.
  • Pour some vinegar over it, which will act as a catalyst to encourage the reaction.
  • You need a brush that you can rub against the floor and then rinse all the contents using warm water.

The result will be an odor-free and clean floor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I clean my drain using a drain snake?

A drain snake is an appropriate tool that will help you red rid of the excess grit and gunk deposited under your drainage slip and deep into the drain pipe. You can use a drain stick to get with the shower drain easily smells of the plumbing system.

When should I call a plumber?

If you notice that shower drain odors are worsening even after cleaning so many times. Then probably, you should reach out to a professional to get rid of shower drain smells and problems that may arise due to negligence of smelly shower drain.

Search for a plumber that gives you reasonable and advanced services.

Need professional help?

If you are worried about your water taps or shower drain issues and are certainly searching for professional help, you have landed on the right page.

704 Plumber is providing our customers a must-call professional help to aid you with your plumbing and water system-related problems. Our plumbers are experts at fixing water pipelines, taps, heaters, and possibly every plumbing complication you might be facing at your home or workplace. All you need is to call us anytime at (704) 313-8982, and we will catch you within minutes.

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